Feastro the Rolling Bistro

About a block away from the Vancouver Convention Centre, is a food truck called Feastro the Rolling Bistro. They specialize in local seafood selections and tacos. I came to try it out on a sunny day which was a big mistake. The line up had about fifty people in it and it was not moving so unfortunately I didn’t have time to wait in line so I had to come back on a quieter rainy day. The next time I came back it was way less busy but they were still quite slow, I guess because they are making the food fresh. The people were friendly and chatty while I waited in line.

Since they specialized in seafood and tacos I ordered the Halibut taco which comes in a chickpea batter and is topped with tomato anise chutney, mixed greens, tikka masala yogurt, and salsa ($8). The menu description sounded delicious so I was excited to try it (I was excited about my taco and took a bite before I took the picture, it didn’t come looking like this!). Once I got the taco I was impressed with how pretty it looked but it was very hard to eat. The sauce dripped out everywhere and it was just a mess. The fish was fresh however the batter was a soggy and not crisp and crunchy at all like a good batter should be. The rest of the toppings were fresh and the sauces were good. The taco didn’t quite live up to the menu description and $8 for one taco is really expensive. I just ordered one and I was hungry soon after. I personally think Tacofino offers better tasting fish tacos at a better price.

I also ordered a mango strawberry lemonade ($4). I watched them blend all of the ingredients together but then they filled up the cup with ice and just poured a little bit of the mixture over the ice. I got about four sips worth of the drink. It tasted good but it was a total rip-off. Don’t waste your money with one of these.

I feel like this food truck is a bit of a tourist trap. The prices are too high for street food since you can find things that taste just as good or better for cheaper around Vancouver. The food was fine but it was overpriced.


No, the food doesn’t taste amazing enough for the price.

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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Downtown, Food Cart, Seafood, Vancouver


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