The Ladle

On day three of my SFU food mission I went to The Ladle. It’s a little vegetarian and vegan place that offers a bunch of different kinds of soup as well as some other vegetarian things like tofu nuggets, mac and cheese, and grilled cheese. I always come here for the soup because they have so many options compared to the cafeteria or Subway. I’ve never tried any of the other stuff because premade tofu dishes scare me.

The first time I went I got the small ($3.50) carrot ginger soup. I love carrots and I love ginger so this soup was a winner with me. It had a nice thick consistency and it was a little bit sweet with a nice hint of ginger flavor. This is one of my favorite soups here.

The second time I went to the Ladle I got the mango chickpea curry soup. I love this soup, it’s my all time favorite from anywhere at SFU. At the beginning you can taste the sweet element of the mango in the soup but a nice spicy curry flavor follows it. There are lots of big chunks of potatoes and chickpeas in it and little bits of cilantro that give it a nice flavor.

Overall I like the ladle when I’m looking for a light meal or a snack. It’s affordable, healthy, and provides vegetarians with a good on campus option. I only wish that they gave you a little bun to go with the soup but I didn’t feel like paying extra for one.


Yes, for a cheap light SFU campus meal.

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Burnaby, Cafe, SFU


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