Spicy Stone

It’s day two of my SFU food mission and I’ve decided to try a Korean/Japanese place called Spicy Stone which I’ve never tried before. The inside of the restaurant is pretty tiny and meant as a place to grab and go. They have a little fridge on the wall where you can pick up prepackaged sushi but I generally steer clear of all premade sushi. The menu is a little confusing at first because they have bento boxes with chicken teriyaki and sushi rolls but then they also have some Korean bulgogi rice bowls and bibimbap so you don’t really know what to order and what is their specialty.

I ordered one of their specials, the spicy pork rice bowl ($5). The rice bowl also came with a salad and a spring roll. For some reason I only got half of a spring roll…. but it wasn’t that great anyway. The salad was very boring and tasteless and I didn’t end up eating half of it. I was impressed with the spicy pork though. It had lots of flavor and it was actually spicy! The meat was good, it wasn’t too fatty but it was still moist. The portion of the pork was generous and combined with the large amount of rice it was very filling. I would come back here and order this dish again, for the price you can’t go wrong.


Yes, if you are looking for cheap eats at SFU Burnaby.

Spicy Stone (SFU) on Urbanspoon



Categories: $ (less than $10), Burnaby, Japanese, Korean, SFU


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