Peaceful Restaurant

While working downtown this summer I came across a great Chinese restaurant called Peaceful Restaurant on Davie. This is their second location, the original is on West Broadway. They specialize in Mandarin style cuisine and hand pulled noodles. They have a lot of great lunch specials for $7-$9 which come with a daily soup, your choice of rice or hand pulled noodles, and whatever topping you want. The restaurant is new so it is nice and clean inside. This place is pretty popular so it gets really busy at lunch time and there aren’t tons of seats inside.

I’ve come here a few times so I’ve been able to try a few different lunch specials. I tried the sweet and sour chicken on rice ($7.50). This came with the soup of the day (which I believe was a vegetarian hot and sour). The portion of chicken was really large for a lunch special and came out steaming hot. The meat was nice quality and the sauce was good and not artificial tasting like some of the cheap Chinese restaurants are. There were also big chunks of pineapple and peppers mixed in and topped off with some sesame seeds. The rice had a little bit of wild rice mixed in which I thought tasted good and was something I’ve never seen in a Chinese restaurant before. I don’t really like hot and sour soup so I didn’t care for the soup.

I’ve also tried the general tzao chicken ($7.95) combo with rice. I preferred this over the sweet and sour chicken because I liked the sauce better. This sauce was spicy but has sweet elements to it too. The chicken was the same large size portion as the sweet and sour and broccoli was mixed in with it. The rice under this one was just plain steamed rice, there was no wild rice mixed in so I’m not sure if the type of rice differs from plate to plate or if they change it up sometimes.

The last dish that I’ve tried is the black bean chicken on hand pulled noodles ($7 + $1 for upgrade to noodles from rice). The black bean sauce was really good, it was one of the best I’ve had. It was full of flavor and nice big pieces of chicken and veggies. The noodles were delicious. They were cooked perfectly and had a great texture and there was lots of extra black bean sauce for the noodles to soak up the flavor from. This was probably my favorite dish I’ve had here and I highly recommend getting the noodles. The soup that came with this dish was a chicken egg drop soup. I liked this soup better than the hot and sour one.

Peaceful became my go to place for Chinese food while I was working downtown. The quality of food is really good and its a great lunch for $10 or under. They have some dim sum on the menu too which I really want to try (apparently the Peaceful beef roll is really good).


Go early or a bit later to avoid the lunch rush (or get take out) especially if you have more than two people. The place is pretty tiny and it gets packed during the lunch rush.


Yes for anyone who likes noodles and Chinese food

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Chinese, Vancouver, Yaletown


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