Finest At Sea Fish Cart

Finest At Sea is a seafood food cart that recently popped up on Robson right in front of the art gallery. I was surprised that they opened so late into the summer since they missed out on the busiest food cart season. I went a couple days after they opened and it didn’t seem very busy. On their menu is a variety of different seafood inspired chowders, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

For my lunch I ordered the curry halibut seafood roll ($6) which is wrapped in grilled naan bread. The curry is a yellow curry filled with pieces of halibut and eggplant. I really liked the flavor of the curry. It was creamy and flavorful and the eggplant and halibut were a delicious combination. There was also some crispy coleslaw in the wrap that added a nice crunchy texture to it. This wrap was better than I was expecting for the price of it. The naan was grilled fresh and was nice and warm and everything had a nice flavor and was really good. I would order this wrap again it was so good!

The wrap wasn’t huge so I ordered one of the little side salads ($3) to go with it. I got the Mexican black bean and corn salad. I love black beans and corn so I was excited to see that as an option on the menu, however I found the salad to be a little disappointing. Along with the black beans and corn there were these little bits of what looked like pimento peppers in it. I don’t like pimentos and I found that they added a reallybitter taste to the salad. I would have otherwise liked the salad if they weren’t in it. If you like the pepper flavor then you would probably enjoy this salad.

Overall this food cart is worth a try. For the most part I enjoyed my meal and I want to come back and try one of their fish sandwiches.


Yes if you like seafood

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Food Cart, Seafood, Vancouver


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