La Brasserie Street

Right in front of Vancouver City Centre Skytrain entrance there is a little food cart called La Brasserie Street. La Brasserie is a restaurant in the West End and they own this food cart. La Brasserie Street serves only one main item, chicken sandwiches.

The chicken sandwich ($6.25) is not your average boring chicken sandwich. They load it up with big chunks of beer brined rotisserie chicken, crispy onions and topped off with gravy on a buttermilk bun. Yes the sandwich is as good as it sounds. The bun is soft but not too soft. The chicken is amazing, it’s so juicy and the beer brine adds an amazing flavor to it. The crispy onion strings are super crispy and add a really nice crunch to the sandwich. I love the addition of gravy to the sandwich. Whenever I make leftover turkey sandwiches I always put gravy on my sandwich so I was excited to see that they did that here! The gravy is so good and it makes the whole sandwich moist and melt in your mouth. This sandwich is one of the best things you can get from a food cart downtown, it’s a must try.

They also sell butter tarts here for a dessert. They are good and they have a nice flaky tart shell but they aren’t as amazing as the chicken sandwich. I think it’s a really good idea for restaurants to have a little food cart featuring some of their menu items. I had never heard of La Brasserie before I saw the food cart and now after trying the sandwich I want to try the restaurant.


Yes, if you are a chicken and gravy lover.

La Brasserie Street on Urbanspoon


Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Food Cart, Sandwiches, Vancouver


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