Meat & Bread

Meat & Bread is a very popular sandwich place in Gastown. When you walk into the store you will be greeted with a cloud of smoky air from grilling the meat, loud music and the enticing smell of porchetta. If you have never had porchetta before it is a fatty super moist boneless pork roast. It is simply delicious, and that is Meat & Bread’s specialty.

Of course I ordered the famous Porchetta ($8) sandwich. The first bite of the sandwich was shockingly good. I’ve never tasted such flavorful meat before. The sandwich is so simple. It consists of sliced up chunks of juicy porchetta on top of a fresh ciabatta bun, with a green herb sauce, and the topper, crispy bits of chopped up skin from the roast. Meat and bread (and a bit of sauce) that’s it. All of the flavors just blend together into one of the best sandwiches you will ever have. The mustard they give you on the side of the sandwich is also really good. I wish the sandwich was a little bigger, to be completely full you need a side and then it starts to get a bit pricey.

They also have a maple bacon ice cream sandwich ($4) on the menu that I couldn’t resist. I love bacon and the idea of bacon ice cream intrigued me. The ice cream was sandwiched between two crispy flat waffle cone pieces. The ice cream was super rich. The bacon was the star of the show and its flavor really came out. There were little bits of bacon throughout the ice cream which added a nice texture. The ice cream was lightly sweetened with a hint of maple flavor but it wasn’t very strong or overly sweet. The ice cream sandwich was really good and something you can’t find anywhere else. For all the bacon lovers out there it’s definitely worth a try!

Overall Meat and Bread is a must visit and the porchetta a must try. I really want to try their turkey sandwich but I’m having a hard time breaking away from the porchetta. Maybe next time.


Yes, if you like meat.
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Categories: $$ ($10-$15), Gastown, Sandwiches


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