Re-Up BBQ is a food cart is located on West Georgia and Hornby right by the Vancouver Art Gallery (they have another location on Howe and Robson on the opposite side of the gallery). Re-Up is one of the original food carts in Vancouver and it delivers consistent delicious BBQ sandwiches.

The original Re-Up sandwich is a pulled pork sandwich ($7) which comes on a big white bun with coleslaw inside. I love pulled pork, it’s one of my favorite foods and Re-Up makes a really good pulled pork sandwich. I really enjoy the BBQ sauce on the pulled pork. It’s quite tangy and vinegary and not one of the overly sweet or ketchupy sauces. There was a smokey flavor in the pork that wasn’t too strong but added a nice hint of flavor. The coleslaw adds a satisfying crunch to the sandwich and the bread is soft but not soft enough to get really soggy. I love this sandwich, I have been back many times for it because its one of my favorite comfort foods.

The other sandwich that is a recently addition is the beef brisket sandwich ($9). This sandwich comes on the same bun as the pulled pork and it also has coleslaw on it. I have never had beef brisket before this sandwich but I really liked it. The beef is really flavorful and quite tender. The sauce they put on it is an espresso bbq sauce which I loved. It was a really unique flavor and it went so well with the beef. This sandwich was really satisfying but for $9 it was on the expensive side.

I enjoyed both of these sandwiches and they both have different selling features for me. I liked the pulled pork meat slightly more than the brisket since I’m a pork fan and I liked the espresso bbq sauce a bit more than the bbq sauce on the pulled pork. Both of these sandwiches are tasty and worth a try.


Yes if you like a good BBQ
Re-Up BBQ Foodcart on Urbanspoon

Photo Credit: Re-Up BBQ.


Categories: $ (less than $10), BBQ, Downtown, Food Cart, Sandwiches, Vancouver


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