La Belle Patate

This afternoon I was wandering around the west end and I decided to go to La Belle Patate for some poutine. I am a big poutine lover (how can you not love fries covered in gravy and cheese?) and I have heard really good things about this place but it is a bit too far for me to walk to from work and I am not often in the west end.

They had a very large selection of different types of poutine. Everything from your traditional poutine to ones covered in tons of different meat and veggie toppings. I decided to go with the Montreal smoked meat poutine which was cheese, gravy, and smoked meat.

The poutine was loaded with big soft cheese curds and chunks of super tender smoked meat. I loved the addition of the smoked meat I thought it gave it a really nice flavor and the meat melted in your mouth. The gravy had a deep rich flavor but it wasn’t too heavy and overpowering like the gravy on some other poutine, which makes you feel sick a couple bites in. This poutine definitely lived up to its hype and I will have to make sure I am in the neighbourhood more often so I can try some of the other flavors!

Yes, if you are a poutine lover (and even if you aren’t you should try it here).

La Belle Patate on Urbanspoon


Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Fast Food, French, Vancouver


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