Arturo’s Mexican To Go

Arturo’s Mexican To Go is a Mexican food truck near waterfront station. I’ve been to Arturo’s twice in the past couple months and I feel like they are going down hill a bit. The first time I visited here I was really pleased with my experience but the second time I felt a bit ripped off.

On my first visit, I got the pork quesadilla which came with a cheese quesadilla and the pork and everything else was on the side. I’m not sure why they put the pork on the side I would have prefered it in the quesadilla but the pork was still quite good. They gave a very generous heaping pile of rice and black beans which I really liked because they had this special sauce drizzled on them that was really yummy. It also came with some lettuce topped with corn and salsa. The dish was presently nicely and the food was flavorful but it was a little awkward to eat. I wished that the quesadilla had more filling in it and less on the side. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my meal and for $8 I was stuffed.

Since I enjoyed my first visit I decided to return to Arturo’s a few weeks later to try one of the burrito salad bowls on the menu. My first disappointment was that they seemed to have raised their prices by $1-$1.50 for each item, which is a decent amount when you are paying under $10 for lunch. I decided to order the chicken salad bowl which the sign said came with chicken, lettuce, rice, beans, guacamole, salsa, and cheese. I walked back to the office to eat it and I noticed that there was no guacamole in the container (the menu clearly specified that it came with guacamole). I was really disappointed since I had just paid $8.50 for the burrito salad bowl and it was missing one of my favorite components. I also noticed that the portion of rice, beans, and meat were considerably smaller on my second visit. I was underwhelmed with the burrito salad bowl.

After my last experience I probably wouldn’t visit again. I feel like there is better value and consistency in many of the other food carts around and I don’t like it when I buy food and it is prepared wrong or missing something.

Meh. Food tastes fine but expensive for the portion

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Categories: $ (less than $10), Downtown, Food Cart, Mexican, Vancouver


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