Tacofino Part 1


This summer has been the summer of food carts. I love the idea of good quality street food with some variety outside of the boring hotdog vendors. I have made it my personal goal to try all of the food carts downtown while I am working there this summer. Out of all the food carts I have tried, I have one clear favorite: Tacofino.

Tacofino has become my food addiction, I visit once a week (I have to make myself go try other places and not just come here). I am in love with their tacos. Every time I visit I have to get one fish taco and one tuna ta-taco (because they have completely different flavors but are equally delicious). You must get two tacos when you go, you will regret it if you only buy one!

The fish taco ($4.50) is like your classic fish taco (but better). It’s made with deep-fried ling cod in a tempura batter which makes it light and crispy and its wrapped in a grilled soft taco. The fish is always fresh and they deep fry them to order so they never come out soggy. The taco is finished off with crunchy cabbage, chipotle mayo, and a super fresh salsa. I remember the first time I tried this taco. It was love at first bite. I have tried many fish tacos from many difference places and this fish taco is my all time favourite.

The other taco that is a must try is the tuna ta-taco ($6.50). It is made with sesame soy seared tuna and it has wasabi ginger mayo, shredded cabbage, seaweed salad, and mango salsa. This taco has very different flavors than the other one but it is just as delicious. The tuna just melts in your mouth and the mango and seaweed give it a nice sweet and salty flavor. They also give you a little lime slice with all of the tacos so you can squeeze some fresh lime on them.

This food cart is simply a must try. The people there are nice and the food has always been fresh and consistently delicious. I’ve got all of my co-workers and family members hooked on these tacos, they are that good!

Yes the fish tacos are a must try.

TacoFino Cantina on Urbanspoon

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One Comment on “Tacofino Part 1”

  1. Ken
    October 1, 2011 at 6:39 am #

    I absolutely agree with you. The Tacofino fish tacos are simply incredible. I am craving some right now. BTW…great food blog – well done!

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