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Bon’s Off Broadway

Where did I eat? Bon’s Off Broadway at 2451 Nanaimo Street in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Super cheap greasy breakfast. What was the vibe? Busy, dingy, old. What did I order? Coffee ($1) Just your standard no frills cuppa coffee, not much to say but it was a dollar well spent. Bacon, eggs, […]

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8 Piece Fried Chicken Meal

LA Chicken

Where did I eat? LA Chicken at #160-11780 Thorpe Road in Richmond. What do they specialize in? Fried chicken. What was the vibe? Outdated, crowded, dingy. What did I order? 8 piece meal with half spicy chicken and half regular chicken The fried chicken here is what my idea of perfect fried chicken is. The […]

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Beef and Kimchi Pie

Renfrew Cafe

Where did I eat? Renfrew Cafe at 826 Renfrew Street in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Coffee and home-made pies. What was the vibe? Bright, cute, and tiny. What did I order?  Cappuccino The design on top of the drink was impressive and well done The cappuccino was perfect and had an ideal micro-foam […]

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