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the biathlon

Crêpe Montagne

Where did I eat? Crêpe Montagne at 116-4368 Main Street in Whistler. What do they specialize in? French crêpes and brunch. What was the vibe? Casual and rustic with a bright patio What did I order? The Biathlon ($11)- a buckwheat crepe with bratwurst sausage, a fried egg, and diced tomatoes This was my first […]

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Bandidas Taqueria

Where did I eat? Bandidas Taqueria at 2781 Commercial Drive in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Vegetarian Mexican fusion What was the vibe? Casual, hippie cafe, crowded What did I order? Horchata and hibiscus drink The horchata was creamy, smooth, and lightly spiced The hibiscus drink was slightly sweet and refreshing Rocky’s Enchilada ($11.75) – […]

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Rice Pudding

Rice to Riches

Rice to Riches is a shop in New York City that serves only rice pudding. They have dozens of flavours ranging from plain, fruity, nutty, or chocolate. The inside of the store is bright, fun, and modern and you could spend a long time reading all of the cheeky sayings all over the walls. A […]

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