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Peace Country Lamb Chop

Caché Bistro and Lounge Tasting

Caché Bistro and Lounge is an upscale restaurant on Hamilton Street in Yaletown. They use French cooking techniques but their cuisine is a fusion of French and Asian flavours. I was recently invited to a bloggers dinner to try out a four course meal of some of the signature items. To begin our meal, we were […]

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Minami is an upscale Japanese restaurant in Yaletown that specializes in aburi style sushi, which is flame seared sushi with special sauces. It is the sister restaurant to the popular Miku restaurant that also serves the same style of sushi. My family brought me here for my birthday dinner because I had a great experience […]

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Crispy Roasted Pork Sub

DD Mau

DD Mau is a modern banh mi restaurant located on Pacific Boulevard in Yaletown. They take banh mi sandwiches to a whole new level. They have traditional subs like classic cold cuts and more modern and unique options like pork belly subs. This past time I went I was using a Vaneats dining pass that […]

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