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Russian Roulette Takoyaki

VanVan Izakaya

Where did I eat? VanVan Izakaya at 1333 Robson Street in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Japanese izakaya style small dishes. What was the vibe? Cozy, dark, traditional Japanese decor. What did I order? Ebi Mayo – battered tiger prawns with chili mayo Ebi mayo is one of the dishes they I always order […]

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Red Ramen

Ramen Butcher

Where did I eat? The Ramen Butcher at 223 East Georgia Street in Vancouver. What do they specialize in? Ramen and gyoza. What was the vibe? Flashy, hectic, non-traditional. What did I order? Classic Ramen – signature pork tonkatsu broth, house made noodles, aburi pork chashu and a medium boiled marinated egg The original broth […]

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Sushi and Sashimi Bento


Where did I eat? Nagano at 254 Newport Drive in Port Moody. What do they specialize in? Japanese food and sushi. What was the vibe? Quiet, casual, simple. What did I order? Sushi and Sashimi Bento Box – assorted sashimi, assorted tempura, green salad, miso soup, rice, and daily special item The rice was obviously […]

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