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Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Tim Hortons Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Tim Hortons has recently added a new crispy chicken sandwich to their menu and I was invited to try it. The Tim Hortons I went to didn’t have any ready when I ordered it, so I had to wait a while for them to make some more chicken. I was okay with that though because at […]

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Cod and Chips


Pajo’s is a chain of fish and chip stands that has a few locations around Metro Vancouver. Their most popular location is in Steveston, but I recently discovered that they also have a location in Port Moody, which is much closer to where I live and work. I have never tried Pajo’s, and since it […]

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Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Hortons Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Hortons has recently added a new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich to their menu and I was sent a gift card to try this sandwich. I used to eat Tim Horton’s sausage breakfast sandwiches all the time in my SFU days because they were cheap and there wasn’t really any other options, but I haven’t […]

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